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L’une des questions qui m’est le plus posée depuis mes débuts en tant que photographe de mariage: Toi, à ton mariage, ce sera qui ton photographe? Évidemment, les photos prendront une grande place dans mon futur mariage (non, il n’y a pas de demande, juste des fantasmes!). Voici donc ma liste de photographe chouchou et, je ne me suis pas limitée sur leurs tarifs ou leur emplacement dans le monde!

Tinted Photography

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🚨BLOG IS UP! link in the bio👆🏼 🚨 We absolutely love being a Queenstown pre-wedding photographer. Because Queenstown is one of the best places in New Zealand to meet and adventure with the incredible people we get to go out and explore with. It's full of insanely gorgeous spots and around every corner is a view that's totally new and just breathtaking! We had a total blast shooting Daisy and Jason's pre-wedding adventure shoot in Queenstown. 🥰 ✨ One of the best bits in our role as adventure planners and Queenstown guides is getting to see this wonderful country of ours through fresh eyes with each and every couple we spend time with. Often they are coming from tropical climates and it's their first time seeing snow capped mountains, crystal clear lakes, and those incredibly deep night skies. It's just a next level experience to be there with them as they fall in love all over again together in the depths of Middle Earth ♥️ ✨ Which brings us back to today's couple, Daisy and Jason. These two are so in love and get along like a kitten and a ball of yarn. They are a super adventurous couple and we had the best time exploring a ton of new places with them both over two fun-filled and romantic days in and around Queenstown. ✨Today we bring you day one of two of their pre-wedding adventure shoot in Queenstown. So without further ado, go click the link in the bio and let's get scrolling. 😍 Hair artist is the ever amazing Tina from @hairtowedbytina . . . . . . . #radlovestories #purenewzealand #newzealandfinds #thatauthenticfeeling #awakethelight #sydneyweddingphotographer #southernhighlandsweddingphotographer #perthweddingphotographer #junebugweddings #adventurealways #photobugcommunity #naturallightphotographer #destinationelopementphotographer #elopementcollective #wedventuremag #aucklandweddingphotographer #newzealandweddingphotographer #newzealandprewedding #newzealandelopement #adventurephotographer #777luckyfish #firstandlasts #heyheyhellomay #weddingphotomag #theweddinglegends #melbourneweddingphotographer #wanderingweddings #loveandwildhearts @wanderingweddings @belovedstories @firstandlasts #muchlove_ig #moonlightdaydreamers @purenewzealand

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Ben et Sirjana, un couple de photographes sont dans une catégorie à part. Ils ont un style unique et ont comme but de faire vivre une expérience à leurs mariés. J’adore leur plan large, les teintes de leurs images ainsi que leurs personnalités énergisantes! Ils créent des photos qui racontent des histoires, sont intimes et représentent bien la chimie des mariés. Ils sont présentement mon choix numéro un. Le seul hic, il serait nécessaire de faire mon mariage en Nouvelle-Zélande.

The Hearnes

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Eeeeeep you guys! My favorite blog post of the year is up! I went back through the 2018 archives and picked out some of my favorite photos from the 40 incredible weddings + elopements we photographed this year. I’ve been doing this post for three years now and it is so much more than just photos; I went through and gave a summary of the year (the good and the bad), detailed some fun stats, linked to the features and media we were involved in, and lastly, shared my honest goals for 2019. Spoiler: they don’t have much to do with the main stream views of a successful business. This post is a labor of love for me every year, but it is by far my favorite to look back on as we grow. It’s not short, so I recommend e-mailing yourself the link so you can pour some coffee and take your time looking through it on your computer ☺️ And be sure to let me know what you think! The link is in my bio and story 🖤

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Un peu dans le même esprit que Tinted Photography, The Hearnes propose à ses clients des aventures dans le parc national de Yosemite, à Moab en Utah en Alaska et dans plusieurs autres destinations. Ils sont un couple marié (Abbi et Callen) qui vit un road-trip constant dans leur campeur. Leurs photos à couper le souffle avec les décors montagneux et leur brin de magie. Visionner leur portfolio nous fait vivre un tas d’aventures. J’apprécie également leur souci de garder les endroits qu’ils visitent propres et de ne jamais nuire à l’environnement lors des séances.

Brent Calis

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I’m almost all moved in. And by almost all moved in, I mean: all my stuff is in the middle of my living room while the place gets painted. When did I think moving in the middle of my busiest part of the season would be a good idea?! Lol. . . . A big shoutout to @andreanne_co for planning a day where most people would have crumbled under the pressure…and the heat…literally. Thanks to @ateliercarmel for ALWAYS killing it on florals. Dress by @thedanesnyc hair by @bluntmtl . . . . #montrealphotographer #torontoweddingphotographer #vancouverweddingphotographer #quebecphotographer #destinationweddingphotographer #calgaryweddingphotographer #junebugweddings #montrealweddingplanner #confetti #weddingconfetti #weddinginspiration #weddingdress #weddinghair

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Il y a énormément de talent au Québec. Personnellement, je suis une fan de Brent Calis, un photographe montréalais. En plus d’être hilarant (j’adore ces story instagram), il crée des images puissantes et originales. Il réalise un magnifique reportage de cette grande journée et met en valeur chaque petit détail. J’aime particulièrement ce paragraphe tiré de sa biographie qui est très inspirant: « I hope my photos allow you to forget everything around you for even a split second.  I hope they help tell a story from the moments in time when they were taken. Stories that you conjure up in your imagination.  That’s what makes photos so special. Better than any video.  The photographer shares his or her perspective, and the rest of the story is up to the viewer to create. »

Robert J.Hill

Ce photographe américain m’a séduit il y a quelques années avec ces images contrastées, un brin sensuelles et romantiques. J’adore sa façon de capter les moments intimes en plus de faire un reportage complet de cette grande journée. J’ai énormément appris grâce à son livre Don’t be a poser, be a director. Il est d’une grande inspiration pour moi et ce serait un honneur de passer devant sa caméra.


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